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Best Practices for Developing and Maintaining Data Products

Discover top tips and strategies to optimize data product lifecycles, foster a culture of data-driven excellence, and ensure high-quality data throughout your entire data journey


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Challenges & solutions in data product development

Developing and maintaining data products comes with its own unique set of challenges. This white paper will delve into:
  • The importance of data quality in product development
  • Agile Development methodology approach for data product development
  • Access controls for every aspect of maintaining data products
  • Establishing standardized data contracts
  • The role of a data catalog in data product development
  • How to handle challenges such as data silos, data quality, and scalability
  • Examples of successful implementations highlight the effectiveness of targeted strategies in navigating challenges and enhancing performance in data product development


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part 1

Guiding principles for developing data products

part 2

Data quality controls

part 3

Maintaining data products: Best practices

part 4

The role of a data catalog in product development