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That's how long you're gonna take to read that sentence. 

It won't take you any longer to find your data with DataGalaxy!

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The first 360° DataCatalog for
data governance.

They embarked on our platform

The collaborative data catalog of your data

You search, you find, it's as simple as that. 

The DataGalaxy platform allows your business and IT teams to collaborate around a common cartography and to access reliable and up-to-date knowledge in real time.

Semantics, modeling, uses; all the knowledge is shared in the same place. Your teams no longer waste time searching. They are focused on what is essential, enhancing the value of your data.

So to discover the solution and all that it can bring you, schedule your personalized demo by filling out this form. 

  • List your data assets
  • Explore your data
  • Collaborate in real time 

Datagovernance, taking
the right path

Our approach is based on two inseparable axes: taking into account the data cultural maturity of the teams and an agile implementation of data governance.

Datagovernance has become the issue to be solved for a successful data-driven transformation. Regularly the cause of misunderstandings and failures of transformation projects, it must be the subject of special attention. 

This is why we offer the first platform to support organizations in the success of their data governance, both technologically and culturally.