Full comparison DataGalaxy
vs. Data.World

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Full Comparison DataGalaxy VS. Data.World

DataGalaxy and data.world are two data management platforms that offer a range of tools and features to help organizations manage their data more effectively. Both platforms have unique strengths and capabilities, making them valuable tools for businesses looking to improve their data management processes. Choosing between them ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of the organization.

Why choose DataGalaxy over Data.world?

Based on Gartner PeerInsights Reviews 2023 & Customers Reviews







Ease of Deployment

Low Complexity High
4.7 Product reliability 4.3
Ease of Integration  4.1
5 Adoption Bis 4
Ability to Understand Needs 4.4
4.9 Support 4.4
$$ Price $$$


Ease of Use





  • DataGalaxy is rated higher for ease of use according to Gartner Peer Insights with a rating of 4.9 stars based on 46 reviews​​.
  • DataGalaxy offers a straightforward setup process, intuitive interface, and pre-built connectors for popular data sources, simplifying data connection and cataloging.
  • The guided onboarding process helps users to get started quickly, reducing the learning curve.

    "DataGalay  boasts a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and efficient, streamlining the data governance process."
    Julien B - Product Owner
  • data.world, with its comprehensive data cataloging and AI-assisted search, may require a more extensive orientation.
  • Its interface, while robust, may need some acclimatization for new users.
  • Provides a powerful search functionality, albeit with a requirement for familiarity with data.world's ecosystem







  • DataGalaxy offers several collaboration features for teams to work together on data-related tasks
  • Unique web browser plugin allows users to comment on and share data assets directly from their web browser
  • Integrates with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Collaboration in Data Governance: DataGalaxy enables business and IT collaboration in the governance of data. This collaborative approach helps in monitoring data across the enterprise, which in turn, contributes to better business outcomes
  • Collaboration on data.world has been perceived as somewhat cumbersome, with users encountering difficulties in effectively working together on projects due to limited real-time collaboration features.
  • Users have expressed frustration with the platform's collaboration tools, finding them less intuitive compared to other collaborative platforms, which can lead to delays in project progress and hinder teamwork.
  • Despite data.world's emphasis on fostering a collaborative environment, some users have reported challenges in sharing and integrating external datasets, impacting the seamless collaboration between teams and hindering the platform's potential for collective data-driven insights.


Customer Support





  • DataGalaxy offers customer support through an online help center, which includes a knowledge base, FAQs, and tutorials.
  • DataGalaxy provides email support and has a dedicated support team that works with customers to resolve issues.
  • DataGalaxy's customer support team is known for being responsive and providing personalized support to customers.
  • Data.world's customer support has faced criticism for its slow response times and inadequate issue resolution.
  • Users have expressed frustration over the lack of comprehensive self-help resources and documentation.
  • Overall, the platform's customer support has left some users dissatisfied with the level of assistance provided.







  • Cloud native architecture allows for easy scalability with business needs
  • Built on microservices and containerization technologies to handle increasing workloads
  • Can seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of an organization
  • Provides consistent performance even as the data landscape expands.
  • Data.world's transition to a cloud-native architecture has been met with mixed reviews from users.
  • While some appreciate the flexibility and scalability it offers, others have experienced compatibility issues with certain cloud services and tools.
  • The migration to a cloud-native environment has presented challenges, impacting the platform's stability and reliability for some users.







  • DataGalaxy offers flexible pricing options for their data catalog solution
  • Provides a quote-based pricing model based on the specific needs of each organization
  • Appears to be a considerably more affordable solution according to some customer reviews.
  • Free readers and connectors
  • Data.world pricing starts at $50000 a year with their essential package.
  • The lack of transparent pricing information and hidden fees has been a point of frustration for potential customers, making it difficult for them to accurately estimate costs.
  • Some users have reported feeling limited by the pricing tiers, as certain essential features are only available in higher-priced plans, hindering their ability to fully leverage the platform's capabilities within their budget constraints.



If we understand data better, we consume it faster.
The observed results can be illustrated by the fact that complex questions about data are answered more quickly and that there is a growing appetite on the part of the business to complete the data catalog.


Eric Albertelli
Company data leader

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Why does DataGalaxy offer more value?

Accelerated User Adoption

Our user-friendly data catalog integrates with popular platforms like Slack and Teams, making it easy for your team to access and use the data they need. 

Cloud Ready and On Premise Flexibility

Our data catalog is cloud-agnostic, giving you the best of both worlds - on-premise control and cloud scalability.

Seamless Integration with your Existing Tools

Our data catalog seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and systems, with no disruption to your technology stack.

roi (1)

Investing in our data catalog can a substantial return on investment (ROI) for your organization. And with a positive net present value (NPV), our data catalog is designed to provide long-term value for your organization.

DataGalaxy's unique features

- Search & Discovery

Google-Like Search

Stop searching for data and start finding it where it belongs. Our data catalog transforms tribal knowledge into accessible and useful data, with the help of Metabot for suggestions and tasks. Our dynamic search bar provides instant access to centralized information, and our natural language features make it easy to find the data you need based on your goals and technical knowledge.


- Browser Extension

Right Click and Search

Users need to understand and trust the reports, dashboards, and spreadsheets.  What they can’t afford to do is stop and go look it up somewhere.  They need the knowledge immediately at the point of use.  The DataGalaxy Browser Extension provides the ability to simply highlight text in any webpage and immediately pop open everything it knows.

- Toggle Mode

Adapted to your technical Knowledge

DataGalaxy provides the right data, at the right moment. It ensures a global comprehension with a toggle profile feature, adapting your results based on your personal technical skill.
Our collaborative tools enhance communication between IT and other users, making your data the heart of your organization.


- Metabot

Increase data classification with AI/ML

DataGalaxy is a platform made by humans, for humans. But we know that the help of artificial intelligence will help you a lot!


- Social Data Network

Active Metadata Management

Avoid clogged data information into your organisation with effective communication. The Datacatalog is able to bride gap between IT and business users to establish freedom of knowledge. Empower your teams and ensure democratize data. Create, change, improve… your data come alive with our collaborative tools.


Not convinced yet? Don't just take our word for it.


Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom uses DataGalaxy to facilitate the centralization of customer data knowledge in order to maximize its value.



  • Insurance leader Swisslife uses DataGalaxy to boost new IA uses and facilitate data democratization.

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