A Data Leader's Guide to Effective ESG Data Governance in the United States

 Driven by consumers, investors, and other stakeholders, today environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting play an increasingly important role in the business and investment strategies of organizations globally. 


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The increasing importance of ESG

As stakeholders and investors demand greater transparency, scrutiny, and interest in ESG reporting, organizations will see emerging regulatory standards that require varied approaches to managing and governing their ESG-related data.


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part 1

ESG Reporting At-A-Glance

Additional information on leading national, international, and global ESG regulations 

part 2

Essential Components of Effective ESG Governance

Managing ESG data quality, security, and transparency 

part 3

Navigating the Challenges of ESG Governance

Best practices to implement a standardized, robust ESG data governance framework

part 4

Taking Control of Your ESG Data

A how-to guide for data discovery, lineage tracking, and governance