CDAO Field Guide for Leading Data-Driven Change Management

Chief data and analytics officers play a critical role in driving and overseeing major business change to deliver enterprise value. Clear, actionable change-management plans are essential for both proactive and reactive data-driven change.

Dive into Gartner's CDAO Field Guide to explore how to navigate resistance to change and build a robust change-management plan.


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Gartner Field Guide Key Takeaways 

  • CDAOs should be able to drive major enterprise change as well as data and analytics (D&A) program change.

  • Driving change is not just an exercise in power. It is a difficult art of value alignment and communication that changes behavior and culture.

  • Resistance to change is normal and should be addressed in change-management plans.

  • Change-management plans constitute a small set of easy-to-develop documents that can be created in under six weeks, even for major change initiatives that may take months to implement.