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Dive into DataGalaxy's exclusive white paper on our groundbreaking 3-day CDO Masterclass. Immerse yourself in game-changing insights and powerful strategies for Chief Data Officers from world-class data experts. Transform your organization's data potential with this comprehensive, must-read guide.

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About the CDO Masterclass

DataGalaxy's CDO Masterclass is a three-day online event designed to provide Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and other data decision-makers with the opportunity to learn from world-class brands leading data-driven transformations.

The event included extensive content on practical case studies, industry best practices, a 30-60-90 day CDO guide, sample roadmaps, interactive activities, and CDO networking


Business Drivers
for CDOs

Empowering CDOs: Key Solutions
for Overcoming Challenges

Change Management and the
Human Factor


Common Challenges
Faced by CDOs

Top Business Drivers Poll


SwissLife’s Data Governance Journey with Emmanuel Dubois

Leading Digital Transformation

Day in the life of a CDO

CDO first 90 days best practices

Measurable outcomes for CDOs


"DataGalaxy's CDO Masterclass gathers a diverse and international group from various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and others. Each participant's unique perspectives and challenges fostered a dynamic learning environment, leading to engaging conversations and valuable insights. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to create a space for like-minded professionals to connect, learn, and grow together."

Kash Mehdi | VP of Growth, DataGalaxy