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White Paper

Data Catalog: The Complete Guide! 

Organisations that provide their employees with access to a DataCatalog will derive 100% more business value from their analytics investments than those that do not. (Gartner)

The DataCatalog is becoming a must for all companies that really want to make the most of their data. 

The ideal data tool for mastering your company data, the data catalogue also allows you to derive strong business value.

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On the agenda of this white paper :

  • 1 : Big Data and the challence of managing data pools

  •  2 : What is a Data Catalog?
         And its essential features :
              - Multi-cloud environment
              - Connectivity 
              - Collaborative dimension
              - Search engine 
              - Data Lineage
  • 3 : Understanding Data Catalog Solutions in 2021
  • 4For which business areas is the data catalogue designed?

The data catalogue is the foundation of your company's data governance.

This white paper is a complete presentation of the data catalogue, its challenges and its functionalities. An essential read before embarking on Data Management!

The Data Catalog offers concrete benefits for your company, right from the start: valuable, up-to-date, reliable and contextualised information thanks to metadata - and a search engine so that everyone can find and use the data they need.

In the age of Big Data, the opportunity to become a Data Driven company is too good to miss!

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