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Data Governance in Action: 5 Trends Transforming Organizations in 2023

Discover the state of Modern Data Governance: Five game-changing trends dominating 2023.


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Staying Ahead of the Data
Governance Game

Dive into the DataGalaxy white paper, "How to Structure a Data-Driven Organization." Inside, you'll learn about:

- The general state of data governance in 2023

-  Predicted future trends

- Unlocking the power of data democratization, AI, and machine learning, 

- Evolving regulations for digital transformation

- The pivotal role of metadata

- Best practices to excel in today's dynamic business landscape

 ... and more!


A sneak peak into our downloadable content 

part 1

The Current State of Data Governance

Discussing the shift towards enablement & data democratization

part 2

Top Data Governance Trends 2023

Discussing all things from AI & machine learning to digital transformation

part 3

Impact on Practices & Strategies

Stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the future of data governance and beyond

part 4

Data Governance Best Practices

Best practices in data governance partners, policies, and tech stacks