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SwissLife's Data Transformation Journey: A Success Story with DataGalaxy

Discover how SwissLife transformed their data strategy with DataGalaxy's innovative Data Knowledge Catalog


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Get inspired by SwissLife's transformational journey

Faced with challenges ranging from regulatory pressures to data management, SwissLife partnered with DataGalaxy to establish a cutting-edge data governance framework and implement a revolutionary data catalog!


A sneak peak into our exclusive white paper

part 1

SwissLife's Data Strategy

Establishing their data governance framework and processes 

part 2

Data Catalog Requirements

The role of the Data Knowledge Catalog in SwissLife's data governance strategy

part 3

SwissLife & DataGalaxy: The Keys to Success

Discover the drivers of this winning partnership

part 4

The DataGalaxy Difference

Explore what sets DataGalaxy apart from traditional solutions

Emmanuel Dubois

“We can finally track data end to end with DataGalaxy and identify Ownership. We realized many benefits for the organization such as a use case fully documented (functionally and technically), the build of a algorithm library, a clear identification of ownership (IT, Business, Data scientist, BI) and strong foundations for 2022 use cases.”

Emmanuel Dubois . Chief Data Officer . SwissLife France