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Best Practices for Implementing & Sustaining Data Governance

Discover expert-level insights for implementing an effective data governance strategy, navigating organizational change management, and transforming your company from data literate to data-driven. These strategies can help improve data management initiatives and improve business outcomes company-wide.

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Part 1: The Role of Executive Sponsorship

Part 2: Strategies for Gaining Executive Support

Part 3: Identifying and Addressing Data Literacy Gaps

Part 4: Best Practices for Creating a Data-Literate Culture

Part 5: The Role of Data Literacy in Successful Data Governance Initiatives
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“Change management both helps organizations understand their current data culture and create a plan to further ensure their data structure is future-proof. It’s important to note that people are the driving force behind helping an organization transition to a data-driven culture, so communication is really key.” 

Laurent Dresse | Data Evangelist, DataGalaxy